Australian Deans of Education Respond to the Gonski Report

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The Australian Council of Deans of Education welcomes the Gonski Report’s holistic vision for the next stage of the educational improvements that began with initial teacher education TEMAG reforms four years ago.

The ACDE is particularly pleased that the Report supports the full implementation of TEMAG but cautions that the Gonski Report’s overarching vision will not become reality without significant resourcing and commitment by both State and Federal governments.

‘The Deans of Education urge all State Education Ministers, who employ most of the nation’s teachers, to embrace the recommendations when they meet in the Education Council this Friday,’ ACDE President, Professor Tania Aspland, says.

‘We trust that they will address long-standing problems like the over-casualisation of teaching positions, lack of support for early-career teachers, too much out-of-field teaching and the increases in burdensome administration that detract from teachers’ time and ability to work most effectively with students in our increasingly diverse classrooms,’ Professor Aspland says.

The Report also highlights the difficulty of securing adequate resources, like relief teachers or para-professional staff, so teachers can be released to undertake professional development necessary for the successful implementation of Gonski recommendations.

The ACDE, which represents all the universities and some private providers who teach our future teachers, fully supports recommendations to strengthen the attractiveness of the teaching profession through clearer career pathways, better recognition of expertise, vital lifelong learning through more professional development, and improved management of teacher supply and demand with adequate data and a national strategy.

ACDE welcomes the proposals to properly support new teaching graduates with better school induction and mentoring, so they do not leave the profession during their critical first few years in the workforce.

‘As the reports discusses, we need to provide opportunities for teachers to also learn from each other, analyse and work with each student’s data, with access to the latest research on effective teaching and technology that enables more personalised student learning,’ Professor Aspland says.

‘It will take the systemic review, as outlined by the Gonski Report, to improve all the moving parts of our education system, which impact one another. No one area can do what is needed alone.

‘Essential to this is co-operation between the States and with the Federal Government.  Realistic resources of time, commitment and funding at all levels are imperative if we are to achieve optimal student outcomes and attract the best potential teachers to our profession,’ Professor Aspland says.

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