Australian Education Research Leaders' Summit, 2022

Assessing ARC Grant Applications

Did you know that many Australian Education researchers provide feedback in ARC assessment reports, which is putting applications at risk of not being funded?

At the recent Australian Education Research Leaders’ Summit, the assessment of ARC applications was discussed. Informal advice from previous ARC College of Experts indicates that, in Education we could do better in the way we provide assessments.

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The Community of Associate Deans Research in Education (cADRE) helps to facilitate and guide collaborative research on shared issues and promote a culture of research cooperation.

cADRE was established by ACDE in 2013 to:

  • Provide advice and make recommendations to ACDE on policies and matters relating to Educational Research.
  • Provide advice on processes to assist ACDE in achieving and maintaining excellence in Educational Research.
  • Extend the links and enhance collaboration between educational researchers, policy makers and the wider community to advance Educational Research.
  • Provide a collegial forum for discussion, debate and recommendations on Educational Research, including the role of Associate Deans (Research).

Convenor: Professor Catherine Manathunga on  07 5459 4669 or

cADRE held a joint cADRE/ACDE webinar on 27 May 2022 on Reimagining education research in a post-election world

Professor Catherine Manathunga (Chair of cADRE, USC) facilitated and introduced the event. The web chat was facilitated by Professor Elke Stracke (Deputy Chair cADRE, UniCan)

Short presentations were delivered by:

  • Professor Stephen Billett (Griffith) – Reimagining the Educational project through research
  • Emeritus Professor Marie Brennan – Contexts for (Rise of) Privatised Organisations in Education research
  • Professor Amy Cutter-Mackenzie-Knowles (SCU) – Grass-roots research agenda setting project of NSW Deans of Education
  • Professor Tom Lowrie (UniCan) – Commercialising Education research

Deputy Chair of ACDE, Professor Donna Pendergast (Griffith) provided a short ACDE welcome and vote of thanks

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