• CHAIR  Christine Ure, Deakin University
  • DEPUTY CHAIR  Sue Ledger, Murdoch University
  • ACT  Chris Morrissey, University of Canberra
  • NSW  Debra Talbot, University of Sydney
  • NSW  Iain Hay, Macquarie University
  • NT Al Strangeways, Charles Darwin University
  • QLD  Tania Leach, University of Southern Queensland
  • QLD Ken Young, University of the Sunshine Coast
  • SA  Brendan Bentley, The University of Adelaide
  • TAS  Christopher Rayner, University of Tasmania
  • VIC  Kathy Jordan, RMIT
  • AILITEA  Shirley Gilbert, Western Sydney University
  • AILITEA  Marnee Shay, The University of Queensland


The ACDE Board established The Network of Academic Directors of Professional Experience (NADPE) in 2016 to provide a collective voice and take leadership in key issues associated with professional experience.

Last year NADPE undertook the largest study on the status of Australian professional experience.

The report was submitted to the Department of Education and Training (DET) last October.  DET’s feedback is currently being incorporated into the NADPE report, which has helped identify issues and lay a path for their future resolution.

Projects findings were shared with the NADPE meeting and ACDE Deans’ Forum last October. The final report will go to all ACDE member institutions.


The inaugural NADPE meeting on 6 May 2016 included representatives from 34 institutions and the Australian Indigenous Lecturers in Initial Teacher Education Association (AILITEA). It was a highly successful meeting filled with enthusiasm and collegiality. The powerpoint from the presentation is here.

The day included discussions on the current status and future directions for professional experience, particularly in light of recommendations within the TEMAG Report, with a focus on how NADPE can work collaboratively in this space. Members also identified a range of issues facing them in their roles managing Professional Experience.


The Steering Group aims to progress the following priorities:

  • Evidence of practice and associated timelines for gathering evidence
  • Partnerships around professional experience (including partnership agreements)
  • Consistency in mentorship and professional development and support for mentor teachers
  • Capstone assessment.



NADPE Members – at Meeting on 6 May 2016

All attendees

NADPE – ACT, NT and TAS members – at Meeting on 6 May 2016

ACT, NT and Tasmanian members 

NADPE – QLD members – at Meeting on 6 May 2016

Queensland members 

NADPE – Victorian members – at Meeting on 6 May 2016

Victorian members 


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