A Board comprising the elected President and Deputy President, and a representative from each State and Territory, governs the Australian Council of Deans of Education. From time to time the Board also co-opts additional members with special expertise to assist with particular projects.

  • Professor Tania Aspland
    Professor Tania Aspland President

    Dean of Education Policy and Strategy
    Australian Catholic University
    T: (02) 9701 4584

  • Professor John Williamson
    Professor John Williamson Deputy President

    Professor Emeritus
    University of Tasmania
    T: (03) 6324 3144

State and Territory Representatives
  • Professor Faye McCallum
    Professor Faye McCallum South Australia

    Head, School of Education
    University of Adelaide
    T: (08) 8313 5692

  • Associate Professor Joanna Barbousas Victoria

    Head, Department of Education and Outdoor and Environment Education
    La Trobe University
    T: (03) 9479 2190

  • Associate Professor Wayne Hawkins Australian Capital Territory

    Associate Dean (eSTEM) (Acting)
    Faculty of Education
    University of Canberra
    T: (02) 6201 2234

  • Associate Professor Greg Shaw Northern Territory

    Acting Head, School of Education
    Charles Darwin University
    T: (08) 8946 7306

  • Professor Helen Wildy Western Australia

    Dean, Faculty of Education
    University of Western Australia
    T: (08) 6488 1709

  • Professor Karen Swabey Tasmania

    Head of School of Education
    University of Tasmania
    T: (03) 6324 3512

  • Professor Donna Pendergast
    Professor Donna Pendergast Queensland

    Head and Dean School of Education and Professional Studies
    Griffith University
    T: (07) 3735 1082

  • Professor John Fischetti
    Professor John Fischetti New South Wales

    Head of School of Education
    University of Newcastle
    T: (02) 4921 6864

Specialist Representatives
  • Associate Professor Josephine Lang
    Associate Professor Josephine Lang Specialist Member NADLATE

    Associate Head of School of Education (Teaching and Learning)
    Deakin University
    T:  (03) 9244 6378

  • Professor Christine Ure
    Professor Christine Ure Specialist Member NADPE

    Head, School of Education
    Deakin University
    T: (03) 9244 6068

  • Professor Peter Buckskin
    Professor Peter Buckskin Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Representative

    Dean: Aboriginal Engagement and Strategic Projects
    University of South Australia
    T: (08) 8302 9148

  • Professor Barry Down
    Professor Barry Down Specialist member cADRE

    Student Engagement in Learning
    School of Education
    Murdoch University
    T: (08) 9360 7020

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