Where To From Here?
Thinking Outside the (School) Square
Don’t Shoot the Messenger – Full Session
Political Perspectives – Full Session
Hon. Dan Tehan MP- Political Perspectives
Andrew Giles – Political Perspectives
Janet Rice – Political Perspectives
In Your Face (Full Session)
Melissa Sparks – In Your Face
James Sapio – In Your Face
Meaghan O’Grady – In Your Face
Shantelle Thompson – In Your Face
Ana Langi – In Your Face
Ashley Melenhorst – In Your Face
Jan Owen ACDE Annual Dinner 2018
Terri Butler addresses the Australian Council of Deans of Education 26 Oct 2018
Understanding Aboriginality webinar 10 May 2018
Know This? What does the Aboriginal Flag represent?
Know This? What is the Difference between an Acknowledgement of, and Welcome to, Country?
Know This? Who is the man on Australia’s $50 Note?
Know This? Do Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples live mainly in rural and remote areas?
Know This? How long have Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples been in Australia?
Tanya Plibersek Speech, 20 October 2017
Summer May Finlay Address to Annual Dinner of the Australian Council of Deans of Education (ACDE). 19 October 2017.
Associate Professor David Geelan on ACDE’s Network of Associate Deans of Learning and Teaching in Education (NADLATE)
What do you learn when you decide to become a teacher?
David Geelan June 2017
Sue Shore on looking ahead with learning spaces and the challenges of communicating the role of education researchers
cADRE Webinar 9 May 2017
Assessment for Graduate Teaching Consortium
Graduate Teaching Performance Assessment
Carmel Diezmann
Evaluating ITE Panel
Jane Caro
Jenny Gore
Tania Aspland Final Comments October Deans Forum 2016
Janette Bobis
Barney Glover October 2016 Deans Forum
Nan Bahr Book Launch
Peter Aubusson Award Presentation
Peter Kell Award Presentation
Lorraine Ling Award Presentation + The Plan
David Giles Award Presentation
Cheryl Sim Award Presentation
Wendy Patton Award Presentation
Chris Davison Award Presentation
Michael Colbung on deepening the understanding of Indigenous culture
Kaye Price, Lindy-Anne Abawi and Mark Tranthim-Fryer – 3Rs Workshop and Presentation
Mat Jakobi on teaching for the future
Mallissa Fourmile – Personal Perspectives
Fallon Patolo – Personal Prespectives
Dr (Uncle) Lewis O’Brien Welcome to Country
Shauna Wood, Teachers Mutual Bank
Peter Buckskin – Call to Action
Professor Peter Buckskin, UniSA
cADRE Webinar April 4 – Questions and Discussion
cADRE Webinar April 4 2016 Sue Shore
cADRE Webinar April 4 2016 Lesley Farrell
cADRE Webinar April 4 2016 Barry Down
Tony Zanderigo Address Deans’ Forum Oct 23 2015
Professor Peter Buckskin and Dr Kaye Price open the MATSITI ‘Our Mob Teach’ Conference.
Project Director, Professor Peter Buckskin, on achievements of the More Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Teachers  Initiative (MATSITI).
NSW Deputy Opposition Leader, the Hon. Linda Burney, inspires the 2015 MATSITI  ‘Our Mob Teach’ Conference in October with this address.
A short animation that explains the role of the ATAR (Academic Tertiary Admission Rank) in the selection of initial teacher education students.
The Teaching Academies (formerly School Centres for Teaching Excellence) aim to create more seamless transitions between universities and schools. The program is believed to be a world first.
Why teach? A group of initial teacher education students from Deakin University discuss their motivation.
The Deans of Education have been heavily involved in the development and trialling of the new literacy and numeracy test announced by Education Minister Pyne on 13 February 2015.
Professor Greg Craven on why the trashing of teachers has contributed to the 12.5% drop in teacher education enrollments this year.
MATSITI Project Director, Professor Peter Buckskin calls for improved Indigenous university experiences.
ACDE welcomes the 13 February 2015 release of the Teacher Education Ministerial Advisory Group Action Now, Classroom Ready Teachers Report that emphasises these three key planks of ACDE’s submission.
ACDE agrees with the Federal Government and TEMAG view that teacher education entrants need a range of positive traits. Student selection involves much more than ATAR scores.
TEMAG’s Action Now, Classroom Ready Teachers Report highlights the need for strong partnerships to educate our future teachers. Professor Chris Davison explains why.
Is phonics the best way to teach literacy? Teacher Educator, Associate Professor Mary Mooney, says it’s only part of the answer.
When are teacher education students ready to graduate and teach in classrooms? Teacher Educators give their views.
How good are Australian teachers? Professors Helen Huntly and Christine
Ure on international recognition.
University of NSW Professor Chris Davison says teacher education takes all types.
What does the ACDE do? Board Member, Professor John Williamson on ACDE’s collaborative voice.
TEMAG Chair, Professor Greg Craven, addressing the Deans’ Forum on March 13 about the lack of evidence linking ATAR scores to longer term quality teaching.
Flinders University Lecturer Samantha Schultz on some takeaways from the ACDE MATSITI Engagement and Success Day 2014
Associate Professor Nerida Blair of ACU discusses a new approach to practicums at the MATSITI ACDE Engagement and Success Day 2014
Professor Leanne Holt of  The Wollotuka Institute gives a keynote address to the MATSITI ACDE Engagement and Success Day 2014 (part speech)
University of Queensland Student Alec Warner on the importance of cultural understanding
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