Some might think these are very basic questions, yet educators of our future teachers find they often confound teaching students, as well as those already in classrooms.

To build up some basics, we’ve  created a series of short Know This? animations and infographics for you to share.

Drs Sheelagh Daniels-Mayes and Graeme Gower, of the Australian Indigenous Lecturers in Initial Teacher Education (AILITEA) and the ACDE have created the Know This?  content with support from Teachers Mutual Bank.

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Who is a real or true Aboriginal person? Know This? Artboard
Skin Group Infographic

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‘We need to demystify what Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education is about, because Aboriginal history and culture is really exciting.’ Dr Daniels-Mayes of the University of Sydney says.

‘It’s really important for those who are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teachers and students, and those who are not, to know each other much better,’ she says.

Re-Thinking Your Language Know This? Artboard

All infographics, in a variety of formats and the video scripts can be accessed from this dropbox.

KNOW THIS ANIMATION LINKS (Download videos or embed)

Do Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples live mainly in rural and remote areas?

What is the Difference between an Acknowledgement of, and Welcome to, Country? 265512806

Who is the man on Australia’s $50 Note?

How long have Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples been in Australia? https:/

What does the Aboriginal Flag represent?

Creative Commons licence: Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives. You can share Know This? content with attribution, in its original form only, for non-commercial purposes.

©Australian Council of Deans of Education 2018.

Animations: Zara Falkiner-Rose and Simon Long.

Infographics: Zara Falkiner-Rose

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‘Understanding is crucial yet many Australians, particularly more mature ones, have little knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history. Often it was not part of their school curriculum or was taught only in limited ways,’ Dr Gower of Edith Cowan University says.

‘But this is all our Australian history. That’s why we hope the Know This? content will spark interest and encourage Australians to learn more,’ he says.

Acknowledgement of Country Infographic Know This
Aboriginal Language Groups Know This? Artboard
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