The sixth annual ACDEVEG conference was held on-line in December 2020, with over 70 attendees. The theme was ‘VET teacher development around the world’ and the event included three overseas keynote speakers.

Conference Program

A cartography of the VET teaching qualification landscape across the four nations of the UK – Gary Husband

Structures of TVET teacher education in Germany – Frank Buenning

Trends in the development of TVET teacher training in selected countries in South East Asia – Harry Stolte

A profile of the VET workforce – Joy de Leo

e-learning engagement framework – Petrea Redmond

Factors affecting the quality of VET delivery – Hugh Guthrie and Melinda Waters

VET teacher-trainees’ reflections on the utility of learning theories – Erica Smith

TAFE teacher classification and qualification standards in industrial awards and agreements – Keiko Yasukawa and Marg Malloch

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