ACDE agrees with the Federal Government and  TEMAG view that teacher education entrants need a range of positive traits. Student selection involves much more than ATAR scores.
TEMAG’s Action Now, Classroom Ready Teachers Report highlights the need for strong partnerships to educate our future teachers. Professor Chris Davison explains why.
When are teacher education students ready to graduate and teach in classrooms? Teacher educators give their views.

The Australian Council of Deans of Education (ACDE) informs policies, strategies, conversations and research in higher education, particularly teacher education.

ACDE works to ensure that Australia produces teacher graduates of the highest quality who are well equipped to work in a wide range of education-related workplaces and occupations.

ACDE was established in 1991 as the peak association of Faculty Deans and Heads of Schools of Education in Australian universities and other higher education institutions.


  • Enhances the public view of the education profession with the preparation and lifelong learning of teaching graduates
  • Promotes the importance of evidence-based higher education practices and policies
  • Supports the funding, recognition and conduct of research in education and the training of researchers
  • Partners with national organisations to influence policy and practice in education
  • Provides ACDE members with a forum to debate, develop strategies and share professional learning
Professor John Williamson describes three key components of teacher education reform.
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